Tuatapere Rate Rises are 18-19% for most!

Residents of Tuatapere, your rates are predicted to go up by 18-19%, a small number are looking at closer to a 30% rate rise.

For most, this equates to an increase of $480 (give or take a few dollars). The Chair of the Te WaeWae Community Board and our local Southland District Council Councillor, when asked about this, were unable to provide a reason for the large rate rise or why the residents of Tuatapere have not been informed.

If you want to check your predicted rate rise, go to the following link and look for the Rate Search section and follow the link provided – you simply need to type in your full address.


Note that almost everyone is looking at a $480 increase.

There are two drop-in sessions planned for Tuatapere to discuss the Southland District Council Long Term Plan, which appears to be the only avenue to discuss this very significant rate rise for Tuatapere Residents.  Details are as follows:

Thursday 8 April

  • Main Street playground 3pm to 4.30pm (I hope it’s not raining!)
  • Jack and Mattie Bennett Park 3pm to 4.30pm (without notice SDC have changed to this location!)
  • Tui Base Camp 5pm to 6.30pm
  • Tuatapere Bowling Club 5pm to 6.30pm (notifications on Facebook of this change)

I suggest those concerned turn up to one of these sessions, contact their local council representatives or post a comment/question or a submission via the link provided above (see the sections Have your Say and Ask a Question). I have asked for details, but have not yet received a response.

Myles Greber.

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