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  1. Caroline De Angelis says:

    Some info please:
    What is your current tel. no. as i can’t seem to get through
    Do you hire e-perbs/locator beacons
    Do you sell DOC hut tickets
    and whats the track the hump ridge track like, is it OK for 2-wheel drive?
    Thanks very much

  2. Christine says:

    Is there an entrance fee to the bushman museum

  3. John Gellatly says:

    Info on the old Orawira Cement Works please. Any Buildings still standing ? Plan to visit the area in Feb 2020. Father in law worked ther till 1960.

    • myles says:

      Hi John, Sorry I don’t know anything about the old Cement Works. The location of what is left is at the following google maps link:

      The spelling is Orawia Cement Works – a google search turns up a little information. Someone else may provide some more detail.


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