Pahia Hill

Te Waewae Bay

Te Waewae Bay

The vastness and sheer magnificence of Te Waewae Bay and it’s wildlife inhabitants make it an enchanting inlet of natural beauty with nothing between it and Antarctica.

Weather conditions can transform the sea from peaceful and serene to wild and unpredictable, both captivating in their unique way.

Te Waewae Bay Coastline

Te Waewae Bay Coastline

High cliffs, hidden caves and Te Waewae Lagoon are among the features of the bay.  See if you can spot the rare Hector’s dolphin which live within the waters of the bay or the Southern right whale who use the bay as a winter breeding ground.

Te Waewae Bay is a Marine Mammal Sanctuary providing an important habitat for the endemic Hector’s dolphins and is a major winter breeding ground for Southern right whales. The boundary of the Te Waewae Bay Marine Mammal Sanctuary is a line from Pahia Point to Sand Hill Point. The area covers approximately 35,906 hectares and covers 112.93 km of coastline.


Te Waewae Bay is located 7 kilometres south of Tuatapere.

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  1. Mark says:

    When do souther right whales arrive in the waewae bay? Are they close to the coast

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