Community Outlook: 23-11-22

Having previously been somewhat frustrated with the lack of information passing from the Tuatapere Te Waewae Community Board out to the community I am hoping to attend future Community Board meetings and provide a summary of items discussed to the community. At times I may include some opinion pieces but I will clearly identify these. If anyone in the community has questions related to these summaries or opinions, I’m happy to attempt to answer them or raise them with the community board on your behalf – please email questions/requests to Summaries will also be published in the Western Wanderer when timing allows. Myles.

Below is the summary of the Inaugural Meeting.

Tuatapere Te Waewae Community Board

Inaugural Meeting Summary

23rd November 2022, Waiau Town and Country Club at 6pm

In attendance were the new Mayor (Rob Scott), the Deputy Mayor (Christine Menzies) and the Chief Executive (Cameron McIntosh) along with the newly elected Community Board members:

  • Blayne De Vries
  • Wayne Edgerton
  • Anne Horrell
  • Paula McKenzie
  • Marilyn Parris
  • Jo Sandford
  • Councillor Derek Chamberlain

All members made declarations to their community board roles.

Nominations for Chair (Anne Horrell) and Deputy Chair (Blayne De Vries) were accepted.

Requirements for Community Board Meetings were outlined and accepted with minor amendments: Voting System, Standing Orders, Code of Conduct.

Date and time of the first Community Board meeting was accepted for 6th December 2022, Waiau Town and Country Club at 6pm. Dates and times of future meetings will be addressed at this first meeting.

Meeting closed: 6:54pm

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