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Kowhai Flowers

Over the Hump to the Lake

A captivating article from the Otago Witness, Issue 2649, 21 December 1904, OVER THE “HUMP” TO THE LAKE, has been added to the History section. It provides a glimpse of the area surrounding Tuatapere in the form of a narrative detailing a trip by cart,...

75th Waiau Annual Show

75th WAIAU A&P SHOW – a classic celebration of the rural way of life with lots of entertainment for the kids. Highlights Starts at 8:30am. The Grand Parade at 2.30pm, “Tui’s Got Talent” from 10.30 – 3.30pm (entries possible on the...

Stump the Hump 2014

The Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track 24 hour 62 km walk, Stump the Hump.  Starts midnight on Friday 7th February 2014, finishing sometime on Saturday 8 February.