Donation On Nature's Edge

Please consider making a small donation toward this site and for the use of the Tuatapere and District Classifieds. Even one dollar can help keep this service operating.

The development and maintenance of this website are donated for free, however there are ongoing costs associated with hosting the website and registering the domain name. Any donations will be used for the purpose of meeting some of these costs.

Businesses using this site to list events or post Tuatapere and District Classifieds, should consider donating a proportionate amount based on what they might normally be charged for advertising. This website does contribute to visitors stopping and spending both, time and money, in and around Tuatapere.

Please transfer donations directly to the following Kiwi bank account:

Account Number: 38-9015-0564491-01
Reference: OnNaturesEdge
What goes around comes around...

What goes around comes around…